Tuesday, July 21, 2009

So rain fell hard all day in Västra Karup

I stayed indoors working. Towards the evening I glanced out, and the sky was ablaze with color! I grabbed my pochade box (in my haste I forgot the tripod at home) and umbrella and ran, knowing that

A) The light changes maddeningly fast late evening and
B) I was still raining.

I found a spot and as soon as I layed out my palette, the rain stopped. I painted frantically for about 20 min, the light dissapeard and when the first drop of rain hit my nose, I quickly packed up and opened my umbrella again. The rain came down i buckets.

But I had what I set out to get. (more or less) First hand experience with rapidly changing weather conditions, witch will be invaluable when i set out to do larer studio peicecs. This rapid sketch will serve as a mental and physical short hand of sorts, helping me much more than any photograph I could take.

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