Friday, July 17, 2009

Getting near the weekend here in Båstad,

and after a lovely week, the weather is taking a turn for the worst (or so it seems) Out of the middle of nowhere we were all treated to a midday hail storm with lots of rain. I was of course painting at the time. I dashed to the boat to pick up my umbrella and protect my easel and my painting. I almost made it! Not quite though.

I then proceeded to start a line drawing of a beautiful boat called the Vikont. I usually prepare a linedrawing the day before painting complicated subjects, but to my chagrin the boat had vanished the following day! Lucky for me I snapped a few shots, and will be able to complete teh painting from the studio.

Weahter was great so i decided to tackle anohter complicated subject, the harbour adn marina with some gorgeous ships. I spent a long time getting the drawing correct, and by the time i was done, the light had dissappeard, so I decided to paint it thge following day. Of course the day was completely overcast. I will have to wait until sunday, hopefully there will be a few hours of sunshine.

I cant wait to get in to the color! I find man made objects and veichles very challenging to draw. Anything that is symmetrical needs to be just right, otherwise it sticks out like a sore thumb. No matter how much paint you slap on, it cant save a shoddy drawing!

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