Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Friday, March 21, 2014

Skagen painters at W. udde.

Last up was the Skagen exhibition. Being spoiled with a few good Skagen shows before, I was a bit dissapointed. I had seen most of the paintings there, though a few nice Oscar Björcks were great to see.
I included a Zorn and a Josefsson that are at the house for good measure.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Eva Bonnier at Waldemars Udde

This was the second show. Eva Bonnier (1857-1909) travelled with her friend Hanna Hirsch (later Pauli) to Paris and studied at the  Académie Colarossi with amongst others professors  Dagnan Bouveret,
Gustave Cortoise and Fantin Latour. In 1887 she had a work accepted at the Paris Salon. She was friends with most Swedes in Paris, but she did not care for Carl Larsson, though he liked her. Probably the reason why! Eva painted up until around 1900, then stopped. She was the daughter of Albert Bonnier, founder of Sweden's largest publishing company.  She fell in love with sculptor Per Hasselberg, but he broke of their engagement in 1892. He had fallen in love with his model for "Näckrosen" who was 15 years old... They had an out of wedlock child, and when Hasselberg died a few years later in 1894,  Eva adopted their child. She was very depressed throughout her life, and ended it by jumping out the window of Hotel Cosmopolite in Copenhagen, 51, years old. I enjoyed this show, very interesting story and a lovely portrait of an old lady with glasses.

Rikard Bergh, painting of his wife Helena, who died a year later.

Helena painted by Eva.
 My favourite.

Per Hasselberg

Hanna Hirsch


Eva Bonnier

Hanna Hirsch/Pauli

Per Hasselberg

Youtube review in Swedish of the show. You get to see the space at least!