Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A few sketches from the local library in Båstad!

You might wonder where I managed to find this sunny spot in the middle of the winter! Well in fact, this is a quick warm up study of a famous landscape artist called William Merritt Chase. Studies like these are very valuable because I get a glimpse in to how a master solved similar problems that I am faced with when I go out painting.

This is quite small, only 20 cmx17 cm. It did the job though, and I am now better equipped for the summertime!

I love cafesketching, and since Båstad has very few cafes open during the winter, I thought Id head over to the library. Not very many people there either! I managed to capture a few unsuspectfulls.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Friday, December 4, 2009

I just opened 1/1 Gallery in Båstad

and here are some pics of the paintings framed. Photo from the opening are at the bottom! They are pleine airs from this summer. Some have been retouched in the studio.

"Aghardsgatan högsommar"

"Aghardsgatan efter skyfallet"


"Huset tittar"

"NYC Public Library Lion 1"

"NYC Public Library Lion 2"

"I Sorollas fotspår, Toledos stadsbro"

"Sinarpsdalen en mulen eftermiddag"


"Raka vägen ner"

"Madrids Regenter"


"Vincents Kabin"

"Lotsen klarar stormen"

"Kallbadhuset prep"


"Golfbanan tidig morgon"

"De gamla i hamnen"

"Ensam kvar"