Thursday, May 26, 2011

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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

More IKEA goodness for artists.

Whats that Dick Blick, you want how much for a taboret? NOT BLOODY LIKELY!

Again, IKEA comes to the rescue with the perfect substitute, sold under the name "Bygel" its the bees knees.

It stands just under 1 meter, which means you can stand too. It has a plastic drawer that opens both ways, it has 3 hooks, and three cup holders I have yet to figure out how to use. I might make some brush holder pots or something. It also holds my glass pallet at an angle if I want to go mobile and paint a larger painting somewhere else in the studio.

In short its PERFECT, and a fine bargain at 30 bucks.


Monday, May 16, 2011

Easy cheap Soltek hack

This is a very simple solution but quite handy for making the palette stay in a horizontal position rather than the vertical "in the box" position.

Simply buy two small clips that fold over themselves, pin them where you want them and remove one of the metal clip "handles" clips by pinching it.

The shape of the remaining "handle" will hold the palette in place, essentially jamming it against the main stem and one of the wings. The palette and now withstand small gusts of wind, ensuring you wont have to retrieve it from the bushes. Or even worse, from the shirt of a curious onlooker or the face of some kid that is slowly driving you crazy.

No need to fiddle about with the clips either when closing the lid, since they flip over! Just make sure you clean the area from paint.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

A few sketches and studies

I had some time to go to the local mall and marvel at all the people wearing sweatpants and gold chains, plus obese 12year olds cutting in line because they need their chocolate fix. I felt like a total upperclassman with my avocado and 2 pears.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Eat in "style"!

Being in the middle of nowhere painting, be it woods, meadows or in a city, I usually bring a packed lunch. Its more cost effective and I like having control over what kinds of food I eat energy wise. Unfortunately more often than not, cutlery gets left behind and I'm reduced to using the palette knife as a utensil.

No more! This handy little keychainpocketknife has everything I could ever forget to bring with me, including a can opener, so I can eat cold baked beans straight out of the tin in true class.

It also has a screwpull, so the day I graduate from screw-tops to corks, that wont be a problem either!

...Well, it beats using the top of a cottage cheese container as a spoon sitting on a parkbench like a dirty hobo.

Im sure Im earning some kind of merit-badge for this.

Link to Magic pocketknifeforkeyspooney

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Some more watercolors

I have no idea why the pictures came out so grainy. ISO is set to 100. I did drop the camera out of the car the other day, might have something to do with it. Most likely yes.

Either my studio is extremely damp, or the Saunders is taking forever to dry. Better get a hairdryer.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

For All Pleine Air travelers! IKEA appropriation!

When going on painting trips, something that can become increasingly problematic is the accumulation of wet panels and canvases, and where to dry them. If you are on the cheap, staying in a hostel, your wet panels will slowly start to take over the room, much to the annoyance of your fellow travelers who aren't too keen on stepping over your little masterpieces, scattered all over the place.

I was strolling tghrough IKEA the other day, and stumbled the "Rational Variera" collapsible pot-cover-holder. It will hold 6 wet panels and stretched canvases, and hopefully by the time its full, the first few will be dry. (Liquin man myself when Im traveling, so they are usually dry the next day). Its good for space saving in the studio too.

The little arms screw off, so it will fit easier in your luggage.

And best of all? Its 5 bucks...

IKEA Magic here