Saturday, June 26, 2010

A few new house studies in watercolor

I changed to Transparent Yellow (Nickel Azo) W&N and Thalo green blue shade instead of Viridian and Cad yellow light, and I really like the new hues they are giving me. Tinting strenght is strong, so Im still in the learning curve when it comes to controlling saturation, but hey, better over saturated than under, nothing worse than wishy-washy watercolors!

Friday, June 4, 2010

I went to London, Stockholm and Copenhagen

and all I got to show for it are a few sketches... That book should have been filled!

Malmoe Train

Copenhagen Train station


Raisa, Copenhagen

Handicapped Couple doing a crossword puzzle together, Harwich Ferry

Tough Coffedrinkin dude , Harwich Ferry

I did see Paul Sandby, Christian Köbke, Caspar David Friedrich, had high tea at the Ritz, and met Vladimir, a Russian Nuclear Scientist who salted his beer, ate two full plates of fish and chips, spoke no English but knew all the Wanderers by name when we communicated via Iphone.

Despite various stresses, trials and tribulations, it was a great trip!