Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Agarhds street in Båstad.


Lovely street, Ill be spending a lot of time here, I just know it!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Oddest pleine air Ive done so far.

When I sat down at Badkrukan, the light was perfect. Of course that disappeared as soon as I had my drawing down. So I spent the next 3 hours waiting for that golden sliver of light to return. It didn't, so I tried to just do it as I wanted it to be anyway. Its a strange sensation, looking and painitng something whilst imagining it to be different. I got very confused and the end result turned in to a mishmash of what i was seeing, and what I wanted it to look like. It was fun though, and I got to sit down today.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

So rain fell hard all day in Västra Karup

I stayed indoors working. Towards the evening I glanced out, and the sky was ablaze with color! I grabbed my pochade box (in my haste I forgot the tripod at home) and umbrella and ran, knowing that

A) The light changes maddeningly fast late evening and
B) I was still raining.

I found a spot and as soon as I layed out my palette, the rain stopped. I painted frantically for about 20 min, the light dissapeard and when the first drop of rain hit my nose, I quickly packed up and opened my umbrella again. The rain came down i buckets.

But I had what I set out to get. (more or less) First hand experience with rapidly changing weather conditions, witch will be invaluable when i set out to do larer studio peicecs. This rapid sketch will serve as a mental and physical short hand of sorts, helping me much more than any photograph I could take.

Monday, July 20, 2009

The Local paper wrote a nice article about my painting out doors

so here it is!


The reporter made me sound reasonably coherent, after a few hours of painting Im not always sure that I am!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Drizzle, drizzle RAIN!

"Rainy Day in Båstad Bay" 18x30cm

The sky was ominous, but I thought Id miss the rain. No such luck. When the first drop hit the easel, I quickly retreated to Badkrukan, the nearby Beach Restaurant, and set up in one of the changing rooms. Rain came tumbling down, but I was alright! I could even order a glass of wine and drink it whilst painting. Most pleasant! The difficulty is to find a balance between all the grays, and make sure that the darks really are quite dark. Being my first rain painting, it was challenging to say the least!

Friday, July 17, 2009

The little boat Ive been spending my time in

quite a nice little thing! I don't know the first thing about sailing, but now that Ive been sleeping on it for 4 days, Ill make darn sure to chat to the local salty fishermen about my adventures on the high seas (not finding a clean knife for my peanut butter, lack of coffee immediately on wake up and the gentle rocking of the boat at night) I'm sure theyll appreciate it.

I might even get a tattoo.

Morning swimming at the end of the pier in Båstad

"Badbryggan" oil on board, 18x30 cm,


is a tradition amongst the inhabitants (well, the most diligent at least) of Båstad. Rain or shine, cold or warm they are out there. Just like those crazy golfers! And painters... I was planning on trying it myself, but so far Ive wimped out. Before the summer is through Ill be in there with them though!
This will serve as a reference for a larger piece to come at a later date.

On the Easel: Båstad church

We have a very beautiful church in Båstad and this is a larger format that I just started, updates to come so stay tuned! Many more hours to go on this.

Crazy sunset in Båstad.

"Båstad Sunset", 23x31 cm

Here speed is of the essence. Ive got to be quick and trust my color mixing and drawing, relying more on instinct and gut feeling than careful planning and tentative blending. I work frantically because the light is changing so fast that something that just a few minuets ago was bright orange, can now have become a dark purple. It keeps you on your toes to say the least! The sea was an amazing turquoise and orange, whilst the sun was a bright red. More sunsets in the future, that's a promise! The photo doesn't really do the painting justice if i do say so myself (and I do!)

Getting near the weekend here in Båstad,

and after a lovely week, the weather is taking a turn for the worst (or so it seems) Out of the middle of nowhere we were all treated to a midday hail storm with lots of rain. I was of course painting at the time. I dashed to the boat to pick up my umbrella and protect my easel and my painting. I almost made it! Not quite though.

I then proceeded to start a line drawing of a beautiful boat called the Vikont. I usually prepare a linedrawing the day before painting complicated subjects, but to my chagrin the boat had vanished the following day! Lucky for me I snapped a few shots, and will be able to complete teh painting from the studio.

Weahter was great so i decided to tackle anohter complicated subject, the harbour adn marina with some gorgeous ships. I spent a long time getting the drawing correct, and by the time i was done, the light had dissappeard, so I decided to paint it thge following day. Of course the day was completely overcast. I will have to wait until sunday, hopefully there will be a few hours of sunshine.

I cant wait to get in to the color! I find man made objects and veichles very challenging to draw. Anything that is symmetrical needs to be just right, otherwise it sticks out like a sore thumb. No matter how much paint you slap on, it cant save a shoddy drawing!

A little about my process when it comes to comissions.

I thought it might be interesting for some of you to know how I proceed with a commission.
It can vary a little bit, but most of the time it goes as follows:

I start off talking and listening a client. Most important! I get to know what they have in mind. I take some reference photos ( or some quick life studies if time/weather permits) I then present my ideas to the client a few days later.

These will be color and/or black and white. Usually they revolve around different compositions, color schemes and perspectives. Then the sketch is refined further in accordance to the clients wishes.

After an ok I proceed and do a quick color composition to be able to show the general feeling and atmosphere. I will then do a detailed drawing (that also needs to have the go-ahead) on a larger sheet of paper.

This is then gridded up and transferred to the canvas or board that will be used as substrate. If you look carefully you can see the faint blue lines on the image below, that help me get an enlarged and accurate drawing on to the painting surface.

After that I get set to start the painting! The most important thing for me is that the client gets what they want out of it.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Pleine Airing in Båstad Tennisweek

"Vincents Cabin", 28x36 cm

"Thermic baths" 18x30 cm

"Hazy Sunrise over Båstad" 18x30cm

"Badkrukan" 16x20 cm


"Fishermens Huts" 23x31 cm

Sunday, July 12, 2009

These Paintings are now on display in Båstad

15 Goodwin place in Brooklyn, 23x31 cm (9x12")

Harbour in Båstad, 23x31 cm

The Thermic Baths (Kallbadhuset), 28x36 cm

You can check them out at Coffee and the Bakery, right across the street from the church.

Friday, July 10, 2009

What Ive been up to since June.

Bjäre Golfcourse early evening, 18x30

Billowing Clouds in Västra Karup, 23x31 cm

I got back about 4 weeks ago, and during that time i set up my new studio (pics come later), waited patiently whilst Swedish customs made sure my painting supplies where kosher, and popped out now and then for some quickies. (As in painting, get your minds out of the gutter!) These are done Alla Prima, which means "in one sitting", usually only for a few hours at a time.

Little cabinet on the prairie in Västra Karup, 28x36 cm

Cloudy Day in Yderhult, 23x31 cm

Cloudy Day in Västra Karup, 23x31 cm

Here we go!

I'm back in (not so sunny) Sweden after 3 years in New York City, missing city life but enjoying the countryside. I will be spending my time here in Båstad, riviera of the south, painting and sketching my way to the end of my life. Hopefully that will be far away.

This blog is mainly so that I can keep track of what I´m producing, but also to enable other people to see them. No point in just tucking them away! My work is also on display at COFFEE & THE BAKERY across the street from the church in Båstad. Stop by and have a cup and piece of pie why don't´cha!

I will be posting whatever I come across during my stay here, and I will be taking various painting trips around Sweden and Europe, reporting in every day.

If you are interested in commissions please contact me via phone or email. I specialize in houses/architecture, portraits, landscapes and personalized still lives.

All works are for sale unless specified. Postage and Packing are not included in the price. Iternational shipping avaliable