Thursday, October 20, 2011

Peredvhizniki show at National Museum in Stockholm Part 2.

I have decided to just upload the whole show with a few choice closeups, and then return to them later with posts on single paintings.

"Give me a dirty puddle!"

Impossible to capture this. I will  have to go back and try again. (No arm twisting necessary I can assure you) 
Apparently when the artist (Arkhip Kuindzhi) painted this he used Bitumen, and it is considerably darker now than when it was made.


  1. these really get the artistic drive going again. absolutely amazing work in that museum. super motivating.

  2. Thanks for sharing this Tim, is a rare and unique opportunity to give these masterpieces a closer look (and observe the way the handle the paint, the textures...)
    Thanks a lot!