Wednesday, May 18, 2011

More IKEA goodness for artists.

Whats that Dick Blick, you want how much for a taboret? NOT BLOODY LIKELY!

Again, IKEA comes to the rescue with the perfect substitute, sold under the name "Bygel" its the bees knees.

It stands just under 1 meter, which means you can stand too. It has a plastic drawer that opens both ways, it has 3 hooks, and three cup holders I have yet to figure out how to use. I might make some brush holder pots or something. It also holds my glass pallet at an angle if I want to go mobile and paint a larger painting somewhere else in the studio.

In short its PERFECT, and a fine bargain at 30 bucks.



  1. Tim - That is awesome! I love it & the price!

  2. It really is Mary! Its all metal too, except the top and drawer which are plastic. The only modification I will make to it is to get a metal saw and shorten the legs that don't have wheels on them, and add some! Apart from that its purrfect!

  3. Tim, this is exactly what I was looking for. You're like some kind of pressboard furniture genius. It surely cannot be just coincidence, the whole Svenska thang.

  4. haha sweet man, gotta be that mental CA connection we created in San Fran!