Monday, August 16, 2010

I was invited to paint

at a "Gåra-målar" show that a local county organized. A "Gåra-målare" is a genre of art that was practiced in Sweden in the 1880s to about the 1950s. Traveling painters, more often than not self-taught would roam the countryside until they happened upon a farm. They would then paint a painting of it, often with perpetual blue skies and flowers in full bloom (even if it was painted in the dead of winter) The whole farm was to be represented, and lots of details where demanded by the owners. This could often lead to some pretty... inventive solutions to perspective problems.
Here are a few magazine articles with some photos of me painting away. A great way to spend a Sunday, with some very nice and honest people.

If you would like to see some classic "gåra-målar" paintings, visit this link

The magazine articles are here

and here

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