Friday, April 30, 2010

Lead primed Plywood

Nate the mule brought down a sheet of Birch plywood from Gothenburg, cut in to more manageable 12x16 inch panels, and we had a grand old day sanding and priming (Actually Gus and Nate did the sanding and priming, I think I came up with some sort of excuse)

After sanding they were primed with 2 coats of regular gelatin from the department store. This is an age old primer, and much the same as hide glue, according to Nate.

After that they got a thin layer of Michael Hardings Cremnitz white, mixed with 15% calcium carbonate for some added tooth and linseed oil to make it easier to apply. Application was done with a soft sponge.

They were then put in the racks and dried for about 2 weeks,

then I put on the second coat, to make up for not sanding the boards. They will now be left to dry for about a month. Dont sand in between these coats unless you have adequate protection. Lead dust is no good inhaling.

Cant wait to give them a try!


  1. Nice! Hey -if these come out good you guys could start a business. I'd buy some. has a super basic site, that you could probably whip up in a weekend. I always feel there's not enough quality custom surfaces readily available.

  2. Oh man since you're in the states, there is a company that sells great panels, I cant remember the name now, but Ill ask around and hit you up!